PHOTO: Still in the Race

I love the use of black and white with touches of color to make this a very unique image. The shot itself is nothing spectacular but by adding artistic touches with black and white with spots of color give a surreal look and feel.

IDEAS: Art Puzzles From Your Photos

puzzleperfect.comI’m always looking for new ways to enjoy my photos. Having prints made of them is an obvious way to display your images but have you thought about turning your image into Jigsaw Puzzles.I really like this idea, especially to have these made up for gifts at Christmas.

Whenever I have seen these photo puzzles offered they have always been small sizes such as 8x10in or 10x12in but nowadays you can have a large 1000 piece puzzle made up from your image file. Check out the website who will make a 20 x 28inch – 1000 piece puzzle from your jpeg image for as little as $55 plus shipping. That’s much cheaper than having a print made of the same size.

PHOTO: Eagle Owl

The eyes did it for me! Great wildlife shot.

PeterKraayvanger / Pixabay

The Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) is a species of eagle owl resident in much of Eurasia. It is sometimes called the European Eagle-Owl and is, in Europe where it is the only member of its genus besides the Snowy Owl (B. scandiacus), occasionally abbreviated to just Eagle-Owl. In India, it is often called the Indian Great Horned Owl, though this may cause confusion with the similarly-named American bird.[2] It is one of the largest species of owls.

PHOTO: Elephants at Sunset in Thailand

An absolutely gorgeous photo capture to take your breath away!

coffy / Pixabay

PHOTO: American Navy Submarine at Sea

I love this image of the American Navy Submarine at sea. The mood and lighting is perfect to create an excellent shot.

tpsdave / Pixabay